Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 17th October 1989, British Fashion Awards, Royal Albert Hall, London

Princess Diana wore the evening gown now known as “The Elvis gown” for The British Fashion Awards on 17th October 1989. Its creator, Catherine Walker was up for an award but unfortunately didn’t win. It was held at the Famed Royal Albert Hall . Diana wore her hair in a tight french twist on that evening.

The white silk-crepe sheath dress and matching high-collared jacket embroidered all over with simulated pearls and white sequins, dubbed the “Elvis” dress by Diana was one of the hits of the gowns auction. Purchased by Franklin Mint, it sold for $151,000.

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Diana British Fashion Awards D4451 D7491 Diana At Fashion Awards D8748 HRH PRINCESS OF WALES Attending the British Fashion Awards at the Royal... D26431

3 thoughts on “Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 17th October 1989, British Fashion Awards, Royal Albert Hall, London

  1. Still Years Later Princess Diana’s Elvis Gown Still Moves Me
    By D.K. Milgrim-Heath ©2016
    Still years later Princess Diana’s Elvis gown still moves me-
    Every time I see her in her gown photographed actually.
    Her beauty, Royal Princess Demeanor ,kindness and her grace-
    Our Princess Diana of (Hearts)/Wales the icon one can’t ever duplicate-
    Her William married Catherine and in some ways she does compensate.
    Gladly her boys William and Harry in many ways do take after their beloved Mother-
    By empathy and kindness for others the world we see Diana in them as blessed brothers.

  2. Only One Princess of Hearts Diana… and one Elvis dress never again to be repeated on earth.
    Diana was in a class by herself and the world realizes that and those memories never will be forgotten.
    Her boys emulate her so lovingly and truthfully -Diana will never be forgotten too much of a godly woman she was.
    Showed the world how to love less unfortunate people around the world no matter their serious illness and she made people less afraid to touching sick people too without surgical gloves.

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