Duchess Kate: Celeste chestnut brown coat by Hobbs

Single-breasted wool crepe flared chestnut brown coat, embellished by leather stud fastenings at the wrist with a matching belt. It is called the Unlimited Celeste coat by Hobbs.

1C6185452-tdy-120214-duchess-coat-4p.blocks_desktop_large K923

This is a simple coat with a beautiful rich colour that really suits the Duchess’s complexion.

1- The Duchess of Cambridge wore it on 14th February 2012 to visit the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

K911 K912 K914 K916 K919 K925

2- Kate wore the coat on 25th December 2012 for a Christmas service at St Mark’s Church, Englefield, Berkshire.

K5667 K6246 K6248 Britain's Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge leave Englefield Church in Englefield in Berkshire

3- She wore it again on 5th March 2013 during an official visit to the seaport of Grimsby.

K2257 K2258 K4429 K4433 K4436 K4437 K4441

4- The Duchess of Cambridge wore the coat again on 13th September 2015 at Balmoral Church.

K7402 K7404 K7405 K7407 K7408

5- The coat was worn again by the Duchess on 25th December 2016 to attend the church service in Kate’s home village of Bucklebury.

k9564 k9565 k9567 k9569 k9571 k9573

6- Kate wore the Celeste coat another time on 20th August 2017 at Crathie Kirk chapel, Balmoral.



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