About Me and About Duchesse Or Ange

My name is Anne, I am French and live in the south of France. Previously I lived over 16 years in Dublin, Ireland and came back to France in 2012.

Loving fashion and loving sewing I founded my own brand: Duchesse Or Ange. I create baby and young children clothes (0 to 4 years old) and sell them online at www.duchesseorange.com/en/

DOAC 30 b

The idea is to produce creations that are unique and won’t be seen on any other baby or child and I use all my passion and my skills to complete each garment. I therefore infuse love in each of the creations I sell.

Here on this blog I want to share what I create for my business but also the clothes I make for myself and what I find interesting in the world of ladies fashion, celebrity babies fashion and as I also love Royalty I will also talk about the Duchess of Cambridge fashion.

I love talking about the way a piece of clothing is made, the type of fabric, the styling, the cut etc so it is a real pleasure for me to talk about all this and I hope to share this with many others:-)

Blessings to you all!

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