Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 27th March 1981, Gloucestershire

The future Princess of Wales paid a visit to Cheltenham Police HQ in Gloucestershire, England on March 27, 1981. Later that day Diana poses for her official engagement picture with Her Majesty the Queen and her fiancé. At this occasion, Diana wears a navy wool crepe suit paired with a white top-stiched sailor blouse with red satin bow trim by Bellville Sassoon.

Diana In Cheltenham Diana Frances Lady SPENCER erhält eine Blume, 1981 D4725 British Royalty. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. 27th March 1981. Lady Diana Spencer visiting the Police Headquarters. Trio of English Royalty Royal Family-To-Be


Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 22nd May 1981, Tetbury

Lady Diana’s first walkabout on 22nd May 1981 took place in Tetbury, Gloucestershire- the town local to Highgrove. Diana wore a red and white polka dot silk suit with a plain red skirt by Jasper Conran and a trademark pie frill white blouse. The V-necked jacket is held with a wide leather belt.

D26 Diana In Tetbury D5381 D5387 D7071 D20733 D38903 D52263 D62042