Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 28th October 1985, Melbourne, Australia

The Princess arrives in Melbourne, Australia in October 1985 and she wears a new pinstripe coat dress in a light coffee colour and white stripes by Catherine Walker. The double-breasted bodice is buttoned to one side and has a plain round neckline and the skirt features pleats at the front and at the back. A round turned-brimmed hat is worn in matching shades of white and beige.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 21st October 1985, Belfast

The Princess paid a one-day visit to Northern Ireland in October 1985. Her busy schedule included planting a tree at Hillsborough Castle and visiting a Dr Barnado’s child care unit near Stormont. She wears a beige wool suit. The short jacket has wide puff sleeves and is worn over a cream pie crust collar blouse and a pencil skirt.

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