Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 9th April 1987, Middlesex hospital, London

The Princess of Wales challenged prejudice towards HIV in April 1987 when she famously held hands with an AIDS patient for the cameras when opening the first purpose-built AIDS ward at Middlesex Hospital in London. A breakthrough gesture at the time, after shaking hands with nine victims, the Princess helped dispelling fears that the disease can be caught by normal social contact. It also showed her compassion and commitment to her charities. For the occasion, Diana wore a discreet tight-fitting royal blue dress by Victor Edelstein.

Prinzessin Dianas Wirken als "gute Fee" D9467 D10445 D11768 D37714 D59392


Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 19th April 1987, Easter, Windsor

For the Easter Service at St George’s Chapel, Windsor in April 1987, Diana wears a double-breasted summer coat in a lightweight pastel-blue wool with pearlized buttons and cream trimming by Catherine Walker. The designer made identical coats for Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William is dressed in the coat that day.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 24th April 1987, Toledo, Spain

During a visit to Toledo, Spain in April 1987, the Princess of Wales wears a colarless double-breasted grey and white pinstripe suit by Catherine Walker. It is worn over a plain silk blouse.

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