Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 7th November 1988, Paris, France.

On her arrival at Orly airport in Paris in November 1988, Diana paid tribute to her hosts by displaying for the first time on official duty entirely French-designed clothes. Karl Lagerfeld head of the Chanel house designed the deep-red wool coat which is worn over a silk blouse and skirt. The high hat with large decorative feathers and the trademark quilted handbag are also from the famous Parisian fashion house.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 7th November 1988, Paris, France

Victor Edelstein  created the gown that was Diana’s favorite. It is an oyster duchesse-satin dress with a bodice and bolero embroidered by Hurel with flowers and birds in simulated pearls, paste and beads in white, silver and gold.There is a tucked bustle-effect of the skirt at the back. She wore it at a banquet at the Elysee palace in Paris during her official visit with Prince Charles, November 7, 1988.

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