Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 22nd September 1990, Garrick Club, Covent Garden, London

The Princess of Wales attends the festival’s gala dinner dance at the Garrick club September 22nd 1990. She wears a creation by Catherine Walker, a cream silk chiffon evening dress with embroidered hourglass shaped bodice and a Tudor-style neckline, the skirt swirls about the ankles.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 5th September 1990, Wetherby School, London

Princess Diana accompanied by Prince William wears a wide-belted, long cotton print dress in automnal colours by Paul Costelloe and two-tone shoes to match, after dropping Harry off at Wetherby School,  on 5th September 1990.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 24th September 1990, charity performance of Private Lives, Aldwych Theatre, London

On 24th September 1990 the Princess of Wales is at London’s Aldwych Theatre for a charity performance of Noel Coward’s “Private lives”. That night she met Joan Collins who was starring in the Noel Coward play during its highly successful West End run. The Princess wears a new lacquer-red silk cocktail dress with black velvet collar and hem by Victor Elderstein. It shows a wide belt and off-the-shoulder neckline.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 18th March 1990, Lagos, Nigeria

On the tour of Nigeria in March 1990 with Prince Charles, Diana meets a dance troup including both children and adults in Lagos. She wears a light blue silk knee-length dress, fastened at the front with two rows of transparent buttons with front pockets and tulip short sleeves.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 10th December 1990, Brussels

The Princess of Wales breezed into snowbound Brussels in December 1990. The Princess’s visit to the Belgian capital included a visit to a British store and a catalytic car conversion firm and concluded with a visit to the Belgian hospital which specialises in research into the “cot death” syndrome. She is dressed in a Catherine Walker white two-piece suit trimmed with red on the jacket.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 3rd December 1990, Accademia Italiana, London

Diana at Accademia Italiana in Ruthland Gate, London, an exhibition of Italian art and antiques, which she opened in December 1990. At this occasion she wears a red and black plaid wool suit over a simple white blouse.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 22nd March 1990, Cameroon

As the Prince and Princess of Wales were on an official visit in Cameroon in March 1990 they visited the Bamena electrification plant and they attended a comedy sketch  performed for them on 22nd March.
The Princess wears a new sand-coloured silk dress by Catherine Walker with a dropped waist and cream insert at the neckline.

D2964 D3728 D4477 D5517 D8735 British Royalty on a Royal Tour of Cameroon - Mar 1990