Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 7th February 1990, premiere of “Steel Magnolia”, Leicester Square, London

Princess Diana and Prince Charles attended a gala premiere of the film Steel Magnolias in aid of the Prince’s Trust February 7th 1990 at Leicester Square in London. Four of the film’s stars were presented to the Prince and Princess –Sally Field, Daryl Hannah, Julia Roberts, and Olympia Dukakis premiere of Steel Magnolias.

The Princess wore a 2-piece emsemble. A long  soft velvet tailcoat in burgundy Renaud silk velvet  offset heavily embroidered on the bodice, cuffs and back with flowers and leaves in gold thread and simulated pearls over a full length bustier style dress. The coloring of Catherine Walker’s sumptous design was influenced by the colouring of Imperial Russian Court dress. Originally Catherine presented the coat over an ivory gown but Diana suggested all burgundy.

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