Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 18th March 1990, Lagos, Nigeria

On the tour of Nigeria in March 1990 with Prince Charles, Diana meets a dance troup including both children and adults in Lagos. She wears a light blue silk knee-length dress, fastened at the front with two rows of transparent buttons with front pockets and tulip short sleeves.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 22nd March 1990, Cameroon

As the Prince and Princess of Wales were on an official visit in Cameroon in March 1990 they visited the Bamena electrification plant and they attended a comedy sketch  performed for them on 22nd March.
The Princess wears a new sand-coloured silk dress by Catherine Walker with a dropped waist and cream insert at the neckline.

D2964 D3728 D4477 D5517 D8735 British Royalty on a Royal Tour of Cameroon - Mar 1990

Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 21st March 1990, Cameroon

Princess Diana visited a deaf school in Cameroon in March 1990.This primrose yellow and pink two-piece suit by Catherine Walker was distinctly influenced by the film Out of Africa.The unusal colour combination looked cool and pretty; the long jacket has a pink yoke that matches perfectly with the large Somerville hat.

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