Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 10th December 1990, Brussels

The Princess of Wales breezed into snowbound Brussels in December 1990. The Princess’s visit to the Belgian capital included a visit to a British store and a catalytic car conversion firm and concluded with a visit to the Belgian hospital which specialises in research into the “cot death” syndrome. She is dressed in a Catherine Walker white two-piece suit trimmed with red on the jacket.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 3rd December 1990, Accademia Italiana, London

Diana at Accademia Italiana in Ruthland Gate, London, an exhibition of Italian art and antiques, which she opened in December 1990. At this occasion she wears a red and black plaid wool suit over a simple white blouse.

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Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 23rd December 1990, Christening of Princess Eugenie, Sandringham

The Princess of Wales wore a Moschino two-piece woollen suit to the christening of Princess Eugenie, the Duke and Duchess of York’s daughter, on 23rd December 1990 at Sandringham. The jacket, worn over a high-necked blouse, has a striped silk tie entwined through the front and fastened to bows. The hat is by Philip Somerville.

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