Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 25th November 1995, Patagonia, Argentina

During an official trip in Argentina, Diana went to Golfo Nuovo, Patagonia where she could see wales swimming in the sea. During this event she wears a pale blue double-breasted jacket and a long cream pleated skirt.

Diana Patagonia D13557 ARGENTINA-DIANA Diana Patagonia D17562 Diana Argentina D41589


Princess Diana, One Day One Dress: 24th November 1995, Buenos Aires, Argentina

During a visit in Argentina in November 1995, the Princess of Wales wore a pink Jackie O-style fitted, curvy, short-sleeved jacket and skirt with a clever slit seam detail at the hem by Versace.

D8855 D10632 Princess Diana in Argentina - 1995 Diana Argentina ARGENTINA-ROYAL ARGENTINA-ROYAL D60922