Duchess Kate: dove grey coat by Alexander McQueen

Custom-made dove grey tailored coat featuring a funnel neck, a concealed front fastening and structured shoulders. It is by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.


Classic and elegant coat in its simplicity. Beautifully cut, it suits the Duchess’ silhouette perfectly.

1- The Duchess of Cambridge wore this coat with a matching dress on 20th April 2014 to attend the Easter Sunday Church Service at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney, Australia.

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2- This coat dress was worn again on 21st April 2019 to attend Easter Mattins Service at Windsor castle.


Duchess Kate: grey silk “Buxton” coat by Katherine Hooker

Dove grey raw silk “Buxton” waisted dress coat trimmed with embroidered silk on the waistband and cuff bands. The coat fastens at the waist with hook and eyes. By Katherine Hooker. (There are different versions of the coat like this one in wool and silk velvet).

K1093 Buxton-coat-collar-down-cream-velvet_1024x1024

Nice coat with a very classic look, but rather conventional.

1- The Duchess of Cambridge wore it on 13th June 2011 at the Garter Ceremony in London.

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2- She wore it again on 9th June 2012 to attend the wedding of Emily McCorquodale and James Hutt  at the Church of St Andrew and St Mary in Stoke Rochford.

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